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I developed the 3 Pillars of the @fullplatefullcup method after stress, lack of sleep and toxic busyness led me to my breaking point. Through 10+ years immersed in healing modalities (yoga, integrative nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, reiki, essential oils, etc.) I escaped from the constant dis-ease of being drained to living fully and on MY TERMS. Honoring my boundaries and needs while thriving professionally and as a wife/mother/philanthropist/friend. You do not have to go through life exhausted and on autopilot. You CAN reclaim your power and I can show you the way through exclusive content, events, retreats & community.  Get ready for your cup to overflow too!

chant with me (or just listen to the mantra)

This Mantra is called the "ultimate healing tool" and is easy to remember. Chanting mantra is very powerful and this one has no tricky Sanskirt or long phrases that engage my thinking mind. Use this track to chant along with me OR use it as a soundtrack for meditation. Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung.