The essential space we create for a joyful & peaceful existence.

Daily practice is a non-negotiable.

I've been a daily meditator since 2013 and a daily asana practitioner since 2008. Sometimes I chant, sometimes I journal, sometimes I sing, sometimes I do kriyas... the only common denominator here is that I do some form of soul work - DAILY. The style, length and structure of my practice  varies  from day to day (& year to year). I am sharing with you some snippets of my past, present and future daily practices in hopes that one or more of them will vibe hard with you and inspire you to #dothework

chant with me (or just listen to the mantra)

This Mantra is called the "ultimate healing tool" and is easy to remember. Chanting mantra is very powerful and this one has no tricky Sanskirt or long phrases that engage my thinking mind. Use this track to chant along with me OR use it as a soundtrack for meditation. Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung.

Addiction meditation Instruction Video

July 2018 - I started doing this daily when I decided to go #sobercurious

You do not have to be a junkie or tweaker or even an "addict" in the traditional sense for this one. If you have habitual thoughts or patterns that no longer serve you (aka you are a human), do this for 5 or more minutes per day.  I do this for 5 min prior to sitting for my 20 min mindfulness meditation.