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The Daily ohm: because every day is a gift from god.

August 2018

8/17/18 - Today I am sick. Grateful for the flexibility to work from home and recoup my body with a nap.

8/10/18 - Thankful for my husband who is open to my weirdness and did an eclipse clearing ceremony with me last night!

8/9/18 - Instagram friends who become real friends. If you think someone is rad, slide into the damn DM. Your intuition about other humans is as reliable a tool as any. Shout out Amina Altai + Taylor Kelly. 

8/8/18 This. Song. Tranporting me right to my sacred self. 

8/7/18 - Thankful for this book and the field of quantum languaging. It taught me to choose my words with reverence and that all words are magic words. What I speak, I call into being. How powerful is that?

8/6/18 - Filled with joy that two of my friends - one very, very  old, one medium old - have recently become yoga teachers. Though it doesn't matter to me which spiritual path someone chooses, I get super jazzed when they choose one hard core. Sending love to Emily Reeves Grammar & Heidi Kamp